Conflict management for managers

Conflict management for managers


This short course is aimed at individuals in a position of responsibility who will need to identify, manage, and resolve conflict in teams as a part of their role. Take an in-depth look at managing conflict at work, negotiation, and conflict resolution.


This course is aimed at professionals who have responsibility for managing people, leading a team, or human resources. 


Learning outcomes


  • You will understand that conflict management is a vital skill for a manager or leader
  • You will understand the role that negotiation plays in conflict management
  • You will learn about the different methods of conflict management
  • You will learn how potential conflict can arise through different models of leadership and management


Advantages of this course


  • Conflict is a normal part of everyday life and can occur in all relationships, but it does not necessarily mean having a stand-up, shouting argument. The purpose of this course is to support you in managing conflict within the workplace; however, the skills and knowledge are relevant in any conflict situation. 
  • Conflict management is a vital skill for any effective manager or leader. It is better to deal with potential conflict as soon as you become aware of it, or when someone brings it to your attention. If left unresolved, the situation may become inflamed as past issues are likely to be brought up. This, in turn, can lead to a decrease in productivity, frustration, stress, low morale, and possibly even staff leaving. 
  • When applying the different models of leadership and management, there are many areas of potential conflict
  • This course looks at conflict management from the point of view of the manager or leader in a group or organisation. It includes the issues that can arise and their causes, the role that negotiation plays, and offers information from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). 
  • Training is given through a filmed tutorial, references to websites for reading and good practice video
  • There is suggested extended reading to give both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge
  • An additional activity encourages you to reflect on your learning


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