Managing medicines

Managing medicines


This short course is aimed at a health and social care professional who has responsibility for handling medicines. Learn about good practice in the systems and processes for managing medicines in care homes. Understand the benefits and risks associated with medication, and the consequences of administering medicines incorrectly or not keeping accurate records.


Learning outcomes


  • The learner will consider the benefits and risks associated with medication
  • The learner will understand the steps to take when administering medicines
  • The learner will be directed to best practice advice and guidance on managing medicines
  • The learner will know what to do when the person they support is prescribed medicine and does not wish to take it
  • Some side effects of the medication will be explained to learners


Advantages of this course


  • On average, older people in care homes take seven different medications on a daily basis. If you are a health and social care practitioner that supports older people then you are likely to have responsibility for managing medicines. This is a big responsibility as the consequences of administering medicines incorrectly or not keeping accurate records can be extremely serious.
  • This course will fill gaps in a practitioners knowledge and in some cases, help to reassure them that they are supporting the people they care for in the best possible way
  • Website and video resources are used to explore medication management in more detail
  • There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge


Laser Learning is a Skills for Care endorsed provider. 

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