Supporting learning activities

Supporting learning activities


Learn how to plan, prepare, support, and evaluate learning activities at an educational setting. Know how to use formal and informal observation to assess development, and report on participation and progress. Consider how to meet the needs of all learners and remove barriers to participation. This short course is aimed at learning support practitioners.


Learning outcomes


  • You will learn how to contribute to the planning, delivery, and review of learning activities
  • You will be able to select and prepare resources and adapt them to meet the needs of learners
  • You will feel confident using learning support strategies and working in partnership with teachers
  • You will be able to include all learners in activities and know how to remove/reduce barriers to participation


Advantages of this course


  • Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. This course will show you how to support learning in different environments - both indoor and outdoor.
  • Methods of recording observations and assessing learning will be suggested
  • You will be encouraged to speak up and make suggestions for improvements to learning activities. This course will also cover giving feedback to learners on their progress and development
  • Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning
  • There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge
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